Our Biogreen® Memory Foam

Superior Density (SD) Memory Foam!

Visco-elastic memory foam is the only substance that can make a total imprint of your body, but then slowly come back to shape after your body weight is lifted. This slow return rate allows a comfortable, yet supportive contouring of all of the bumps and curves of the body and it helps eliminate the rebound pressure that would be caused by hard springs and rubberized foam compressed against your body. Visco-elastic memory foam commonly used in 3 pound, 4 pound, and 5-pound densities. Our special Biogreen® proprietary, pressure sensitive, visco-elastic memory foam is material is an approximate 5-pound density, making it both more durable and giving it the most luxurious feel. Our 5-pound Biogreen top foam layer is ultra pressure sensitive. Underneath this layer, most of our models use a slightly denser and over twice as firm 5-pound Biogreen memory foam for extra support. This allows the mattress to be more instantly comfortable in all temperature environments, but still very supportive and durable in structure.

Our Biogreen Memory Foam Is Approximately 13 Times Below Oeko-Tex®, Certipur-US® and GreenGuard’s Allowable Total V.O.C.s Required To Achieve Certification!

The consumer market place has expressed concern with the various chemicals that can be found in memory foam, and we share that concern. Our proprietary Biogreen memory foam is free of PBDE, TDI, Boric Acid and Bromine, each a dangerous chemical. However, mattresses, particularly memory foam, are known to be made from fibers, foams, adhesives, fire retardants, and other additives that can generate emissions (known as “off-gassing”) of V.O.C. s (Volatile Organic Compounds). V.O.C.s include a variety of chemicals, some of which have been linked with adverse health effects. V.O.C.s are found in many consumer products, including inks, gasoline, cleaning supplies, newspaper, carpets, glues, certain furniture, perfume, and cosmetics. The emissions often have no recognizable odor or color, vaporize easily at room temperature, and can be triggered when products are used or stored. Obviously, with a product that one sleeps on, off-gassing of V.O.C.s is a serious concern, since it affects the very air we breathe! Our Biogreen proprietary memory foam is produced by using a very special process that reduces the volatility of these carbon based chemical compounds, which results in an unprecedented total V.O.C. emission level rating of only 00.039 mg/m3 (parts per million), based on testing by the most prestigious independent lab rating agency in the industry!


What about the Air You Breathe?

Our Biogreen Memory Foam Is Over 5 Times Lower Than The EPA’s Allowable Total VOC Indoor Air Concentration Levels*

*Thankfully, the EPA has very high standards for their indoor air quality. The EPA has a Maximum allowable indoor air total V.O.C. concentration of .20 mg/m3 above whatever the outside air concentration of V.O.C.’s are in that particular area. However, these V.O.C.s do not account for contributions from office furniture, occupants, and occupant activities. Contrast that with the fact that our Biogreen memory foam testing showed only .039 mg/m3 of total V.O.C.s.

Our Stringent Biogreen Memory Foam Testing

The VOC Our Biogreen memory foam was initially tested by an independent laboratory for total V.O.C.s based on mass loss (emissions) and the tests established that most of the 1% loss was attributed to water vapor. While that result was re-assuring, we wanted a more detailed evaluation to look at more specific V.O.C.s, as well as specific commonly emitted toxins like formaldehyde, phthalates, benzene, phenol, styrene and other such types of dangerous chemicals that are frequently present. We looked over the data requirements needed to pass certification for three top testing and rating agencies used by the industry (CertiPur-US, Oeko-tex, and GreenGuard), as well how they went about their testing.

While Certipur-US and Oeko-tex have very strict standards when it comes to allowable total V.O.C.s, we eventually settled on GreenGuard’s testing for both its extensive laboratory protocol, as well as its more stringent Schools and Children laboratory requirements. As you will see from the graph on the right side, as well as the test data results we have made available, our Biogreen memory foam tested approximately 13 times lower in total V.O.C.s than the allowable maximum requirements for certification from Certipur-US* and Oeko-tex*. It was also approximately 13 times lower than GreenGuard’s Indoor Air Quality total V.O.C. maximum requirements for certification and approximately 6 times lower than the GreenGuard* total V.O.C. maximum requirements for Schools and Children certification! In addition, our Biogreen memory foam easily passed every GreenGuard Schools and Children laboratory testing criteria from the very prestigious UL laboratories (click here to view the summary results of UL laboratories GreenGuard criteria testing of our Biogreen memory foam).

The extremely low levels of V.O.C. off-gassing emissions of the Biogreen memory foam should reassure those consumers that are chemical sensitive or simply concerned about the air they breathe. Products that meet GreenGuard’s highest standards are also more eco-friendly, since that limits the emissions that can pollute our atmosphere, as well as our bodies. Also, the extremely low levels of V.O.C.s allow our Biogreen memory foam to have a mild and clean smelling scent (new mattresses, like new vehicles, emit their unique odors from high levels of V.O.C.s.). Allergy sufferers can take note that Biogreen memory foam is hypoallergenic and does not play a good host to dust mites. With so much concern about the release of chemicals in our atmosphere, allergens and toxins absorbed by our bodies, you can feel good knowing that our Biogreen® memory foam offers a truly hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic experience.

*Certipur-US, Oeko-tex, and GreenGuard are respective intellectual property of those associations and used to compare how our Biogreen memory foam testing results stacked up against their allowable requirements for certification. Our Biogreen memory foam has been tested by UL laboratories, using their GreenGuard testing criteria. We have not joined the certification programs from these organizations.

How We Make Our Whole Tempflow Mattress Environmentally Friendly

Certipur-US® Certified Lower Foam Layers

Foam has been used in practically every type of mattress (including innerspring mattresses) for many generations there has been less concern about regular foam products (presumably because they are often lower in odor anyway), we are not taking any chances and are pairing up our Biogreen memory foam with Certipur-US certified environmentally friendly foam for our lower layers.

Our Ecologically Friendly Fire Resistant Socking:

Fire retardants like PBDE, Boric Acid and Bromine are known as halogens and are only used to help make memory foam self extinguish with certain flame type exposures, However, such use of potentially harmful chemicals as flame retardants are not necessary, if a non-reactive fire inherent socking is used to cover the foam. We offer a completely safe and ecologically sustainable fire socking that covers our mattress foam to offer a natural inherent fire protection. Other competitors will use chemicals like antimony, chlorine, bromine and lead, but our biodegradable and ecologically friendly fire socking naturally meets all safety requirements and does not add these dangerous chemicals.

Our GreenGuard Certified Bonding Adhesive

We use a GreenGuard certified water-borne adhesive certified for both indoor air quality, as well as for children and schools. Many adhesives being used today by our competitors to bind a mattress contain noxious chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde or other hazardous air pollutants. Our GreenGuard certified adhesive does not contain any of these dangerous substances and does not use any solvents.

Tempflow's Certifications, Ratings and Study

All the foam we use is highest quality available and produced only made in the U.S.A. Don't accept cheap, overseas substitutes!

Our high level of customer care for our mattress and health product stores have earned us top ratings from the BBB. As well, we have become a 2012 Hall of Fame Member with our customer service.

Now featuring our special, 3rd generation, Biogreen™, environmentally friendly memory foam that is approximately 13 times below Oeko-Tex®, Certipur-US® and GreenGuard's allowable total V.O.C.s required to achieve certification!...more

The Tempflow mattress received the 2006, Space Daily innovation of the year award...more

We are proud to be the only Mattress company featured in the upcoming issue of NASA 50 Years of Space Exploration and Discovery

The prestigious Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama performed a sleep study on over 36 participants, with a 100% of those surveyed reporting that they felt more supported on the Tempflow. ...more


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